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After 4 yrs of positive scleroderma testing in 12 different positive test results and it's been climbing higher over the last 2 years and as recently as 3 months ago, it was very high, today is the 1st result of a Equivocal which means I'm seeing the payoff! Equivocal doesn't mean I'm totally clear, it means, it's not negative, but it's borderline positive barely so. Thanks to Avelino Elba Lopez and biomagetics, is what has helped me turn the corner. I'm not thru the 2 months of eradicating fully the Lyme and scleroderma from my body, and I would have waited to do this test until that time, but I had a preexisting appoitmet. at Vanderbilt. This is still an ongoing process and one to continue with a what most would consider a strict diet, I'm actually used to it, and DMSO and detox. but so far my numbers for heart disease and every test I've had re-done there is a considerable change my last echo was done in May this year was moderate for heart failure with pulmonary pressures increased to 41, this now dropped to 30, better than I was 2 yrs ago. I haven't retested yet for Lyme I'll wait for the full 2 months to elapse and test then at the soonest and recheck my SCL70 for Scleroderma then. Winning the war on Lyme and Scleroderma doesn't mean it's time to start eating sugar again or to stop working on lowering further heavy metal toxicity I still need to be careful and be careful to give my body full support so it can continue to heal, but I've had a death sentence replaced by grace. I'm grateful.


"I have been going to Elba for over 10 years.  She is an amazing therapist who truly has a "healing touch."  I had Lyme disease for several years, and during that time Elba helped to relieve my symptoms through massage and cranio sacral work.  She also worked with my body's energy to help me heal both mentally and spiritually.  

I now consider Elba to be an integral part of my healthcare routine.  She works with my individual needs, and uses a wide variety of therapies to bring healing to my body and spirit.   Elba is so intuitive with the body that she often knows what I need before I have even realized it. She is truly a gift."

Katie S.

"After years of various “treatments” for fibromyalgia and Lyme disease, my body was “crying out” for relief. I knew in my soul that I had to rid my body of the huge amounts of medicines (pain killers, to powerful antibiotics) that I had been given. After inquiring with a number of people to find a therapist that did colonic treatments, I was led to Elba Lopez

Elba proceeded to do a series of colonics and therapeutic massage on me.  After a few months, my body began responding positively and I felt hope for the first time in many years. Elba was able to help me because of her expertise in understanding the human body and also, her understanding of the human spirit. Elba would encourage me to laugh and enjoy and appreciate the life around me.  She is a joyful person, and when you are around her, you benefit from her spirit in ways that you can’t even completely understand.

So, I have been going to Elba faithfully since that beginning in 2001. Whenever my body feels “out of line” I go to Elba and I come out “feeling fine”! Avelino, Elba’s husband, is now working at Healed by Hands in the area of Biomagnetics.  I have also experience the benefit of his expertise.  I believe that the two of them will make a wonderful difference and improvement in the lives of many people. I thank God for them." - Brenda Rabbe

As a dance teacher, it’s important for my body to stay healthy. When I was in my 20’s I could teach a full week of classes without aches and pains. My body just kept going … knees, back, feet … they all did what they were asked to do, for the most part, without complaining. Well, those days are over and after a full week of abusing my body, it needs maintenance!

I’ve been getting massages from Elba and benefiting from her God-given talent since 2005. More recently, I’ve also been benefiting from Avelino’s talents also. The combination of Massage, Raiki and Magnetic Therapy has kept me ‘on my toes’. I know the pain my body suffers after a week or two of dancing and have no doubt; even though dance is my passion and I would push through as much as possible, without the help I receive at Healed By Hands, my dancing days would have ended long ago.

Many of my family members have benefited greatly from the services offered at Healed By Hands. There is no way to repay someone for helping to keep your loved ones healthy.

Avelino and Elba have a way of making you feel safe, comfortable and completely loved. I’m blessed for knowing them and having them in my life.

Theresa Hanken
Hanken School of Dance

Dear Elba and Avelino,
Having moved to Florida from my original home in Michigan I feel very fortunate to have found your Massage and Holistic center.  Through your clinic “Healed by Hands” I have been able to come to you and experience regular treatments that provide stress reduction and relaxation.   The two of you are very talented and knowledgeable about Massage and Therapeutic treatments.

Over the last almost two years I have been having both Reiki and Therapeutic Massages.  Both of these treatments are very specialize to promote healing and relaxation.  Both are also, very gentle and powerful treatments.  And I want to thank you for your skills.  I find my times at Healed by Hands both helpful and fulfilling.   I have enjoyed my time at Helping Hands and look forward to our times together.
Thank you for providing your clinic.


Marcella Montante

"For many months our 33 years old son Phil was having seizures. They were so bad that he would totally black out and distort his body terribly. We took him to the hospital numerous times. Form the emergency room to intensive care. He went through so many test we lost count. The only thing they could come up with was he was having non-epileptic seizures. They just keep throwing medicine after medicine at him that did not work. He had been having them daily, sometimes so debilitating he could barely function let along work.

One day while I was getting a massage, I mentioned to Elba about what my son was going through. She talked to her husband Avelino about it and they thought they could help him through Biomagnetic therapy. The results were life changing. After the first treatment there were no more seizures. - Sharon Evans

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Buddy Logan Health Insurance
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