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ETPS (Electrical Therapeutic Point Stimulation)

ETPS is a hybrid modality utilizing concentrated, low frequency, DC current stimulation to chinese meridian and trigger points throughout the body. ETPS has been reported to provide relief from some chronic conditions and can also provide immediate pain relief, decrease muscle hypertonicity and accelerate tissue repair for musculoskeletal disorders.

ETPS appears to have an added benefit when used in conjunction with traditional massage therapy treatments of pain conditions in a mixed patient sample. ETPS is non-invasive and is very well tolerated by patients. It can be administered usually in 5 to 30 minutes. ETPS is an effective modality for pain reduction as part of a massage therapy program.

Needleless Acutherapy (ETPS) can be compared to accupunture without the needle.
For instance Scar Tissue can be treated once and you will feel a notiable change in energy levels. Within 4-6 treatments scar tissue can completely be unblocked allowing energy and normal function in the body to resume.

ETPS can treat over 152 different medically recognized dysfunctions in the body. Want to know more?

ETPS releases natural pain relievers called endorphins throught the use of electrical stimulation. Using nothing more than a 9v battery with a square electrical wave pulse of 1 - 4Hz using Direct Current not Alternating Current which is used by most TENS units. It also uses a square wave not a pulse to provide trigger points release. For chronic pain, it is imperative to apply stimulation with the correct frequency to evoke an endorphin response that stimulates the body's healing mechanisms, thus ensuring optimal pain relief. Apply electrical stimulation with enough amplitude or strength should evoke a positive "Endorphin" response, providing lasting pain relief.

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