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Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy is an extended and more complex form of an enema.  The therapeutic effects of colon hydrotherapy are improved muscle tone which facilitates peristaltic action and enhances the absorption of nutrients from the cecun and ascending colon while minimizing the absorption of toxic waste material into the blood and through the organs.

The health of most organs as well as overall well -being depends on how good our bowel (intestine) functions. A change in a diet after many years of wrong eating habits does not assure optimal colon health. Colon hydrotherapy has tremendous benefits in patients with digestive problems like: heartburn, gas, bloating, leaky gut, constipation, candida, parasites, irritable bowel syndrome and toxicity.

An initial series of between three to six treatments is recommended. Years of improper nutrition cannot  be reverse in one treatment. More treatments may be required is case of chronic constipation or sluggish colon.

What are the Benefits of Colonics?

Colon Therapy is useful for general detoxification and relief of toxin-related ailments and illnesses. If the large intestine becomes overloaded with toxins, it will in turn overload the liver, causing toxins to circulate in the blood vascular system, which can promote disease. A sluggish colon can cause too much bacteria to circulate in your body as poisons. Some of these poisons are highly active and produce profound effects on the human body, even in small quantities, causing a variety of illnesses.

The goals of each session are to hydrate the system, remove waste, stimulate peristalsis, rehabilitate the nerves, muscles, glands, circulatory and immune systems that form the components of the digestive system, and to reposition the intestines.

In addition to toning the colon, colonics help increase circulation, calm the nervous system and bring relief from headaches, food allergies, backaches, indigestion, constipation, skin disorders, colds and other disorders. Most important, the body is better able to metabolize good sources of nutrition.

It is a safe, gentle and effective method of removing waste from the large intestine without the use of drugs.

Learning to Listen to your Body

When you are in a state of ill-health, your body loses the ability to communicate to you. Most conventional treatments only address the symptoms of illness, not the causes. By cleansing your system with colonic irrigation, you will remove a potential source for disease and create an environment for health.

A Colonic or an Enema, what’s the difference?

An enema merely flushes out the lower end of the colon where the waste matter or feces collect. The average enema uses only about two quarts of water, while a colonic – using from 15-30 gallons – flushes out the entire five feet of the colon. Water is introduced from one to two pints at a time, then expelled. This action can soften and wash away impactions lining the colon.

Is a Colonic painful?

No. After a small tube is inserted into the rectum, separate rubber tubing carries the water in and waste out in a lightly pressurized system. Minor, temporary discomfort may result if you pass gas or old waste material or have an extremely congested colon. But once this matter is eliminated, you experience the feeling of release and renewed vigor. Your colon is on its way to working properly.

How many Colonics do I need?

An effective cleansing program involves a series of colonics, combined with a healthy diet, exercise and relaxation techniques, to detoxify the body and rebuild and rejuvenate the bowel. Many people feel a big difference after just one colonic, as old matter is washed out. However, the removal of large amounts of waste buildup is a gradual process and varies for each individual. Your body will change and improve from colonic to colonic.

Is a Colonic harmful in any way?

No. Unlike laxatives, which inflame and irritate the colon and can be habit-forming, a colonic is a gentle, thorough cleansing. Greater harm results from not washing out the toxic substances inside the colon.

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